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Susan Wilde

North Summit
North Summit School District
FACS teacher
I teach grades 7th - 12th. I am the only FACS teacher at my small 2A school. I teach at both the middle and high school, but it's great because I have a classroom, clothing room, and foods room and students from both schools come to me, I don't have to move to them. In one year, I teach a 7th grade CTE Into class, 3 times - one each trimester; 8th grade FACS exploration, 2 times - one each semester; Fashion Strategies, once; Clothing 1 & 2, once - sin the same class; Foods 1 - once; Foods 2 - once; Adult Roles once; Interior Design 1 - once; and Child Development, once, and Teen Living.. I am also the FCCLA Advisor. I live in Roy, and travel back and forth to Coalville (98 miles each day), so I keep pretty busy. I have two daughters that are both marries and 4 grand children. I live with my on daughter her husband and two grand children. My oldest grand child just completed his first Foods 1 class. It seams wired that I teach children the same age as my own grandchildren.