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Rachel Gonzalez

FCS Teachers Alpine School District-Utah
ACTE Family & Consumer Sciences Division Vice President
Lakeridge Junior High
I would hope my voice is a voice of passion for what I teach, promoting students and the learning process. I teach students to be creative and to use higher level thinking skills. By doing this, students experience success in seeing the results of their work. I teach Family and Consumer Sciences.
I love Career and Technical Education and I love Family and Consumer Sciences. I can’t imagine a better way to prepare students for life and careers. From our classes students can learn the skills they need to succeed throughout their lives both at home and in the workplace. Never have FCS classes been more necessary for society. As society understands the benefits of our curriculum in student’s lives our defense is made. I have a passion and deep understanding of how Family and Consumer Sciences programs can and do change lives.
Four adults call me "mom." Yes, four children. From those wonderful people I have ten grandchildren. The role of Grandmother is the best!!! Family is everything. The World is a beautiful place that I love to visit. However, my backyard is my favorite place. Oh, and I can't forget Belle and Mr. Bingley, my two cats.